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Lost, feeling restless listening to every little thought running through your mind as if it were an open book. Ah the feeling of self enlightenment, or is it entrapment? I would say it’s more like a trap than anything else because the second you let your mind consume not only your consciousness but also your subconscious you are done for, it’s your last line of defense to logical thinking. Your sub conscious is like a little power house that fuels the mind with things like ambition, motivation and dreams. To take away the freedom of one’s mind, is to take away from their uniqueness and their livelihood. People who are easily affected by stress, give in easily or just follow the herd all have one thing in common, they are weak minded. They cannot step back and look at a situation and before acting, they just react to the mood and attitude of the situation, this is okay in some instances like sports, but in real life, management is key. Can you handle the utmost crazy situation with poise? do the thoughts of the day haunt you and keep you up and night? That’s the problem with most people today they can’t manage themselves, one little word or phrase said the wrong way can send someone into a frenzy, trust is crooked and pureness is almost no existent. So what if you are one of the good guys? Well then you are ahead of the game, you already have taken the initiative to go against negligence into prosperity. If we all could just find the good buried deep down beneath all the bull shit, and actually portray positive attitudes then maybe the general populous of this country would not be so well.. glum and light hearted.

Last night after i just watched The New York Jets plunge themselves one step close to a super bowl title, a 60 minutes exclusive was set to air about the recent Arizona shootings. Naturally being one who likes information i decided to give it a watch. Well what i found was that the bias of 60 Minutes and the attitude in which they convey their show is part of everything that is wrong with this country. They brought in CIA analysts and tried to make the whole thing seem so dramatic when in fact the situation has a simple explanation. I am not saying by any means that the shootings were morally just, but i do agree with Jared’s takes on the United States government. The only thing i can compare what Jared felt to is an act of rape. The helplessness that no matter what you do the inevitable is going to happen, you are trapped and solitary in the moment. Jared had the realization that most of us today are to “brain washed” to see, society is crumbling and becoming one big social norm that is pounded into our brains by means of the media and government. Now, that feeling that no matter what you do, you in fact are not free and are controlled by an outer means caused Jared to ultimately snap. Mental health did play a role in his descent into a crazed mind, but his ideals about this country were in fact not as 60 minutes described.. as “crazy.” Mental health, was 60 minutes biggest exploit on the tragedy, how crazy Jared was and how assassins minds think. But what they fail to mention or even focus on is, what did people do to prevent this? Expelling him from school did not good, but to anger him more and did the school even try to get him help? no, they sat back and felt content with themselves for solely expelling him. Now, as far as getting him help well i am not sure that would of helped anyway. The mental health system in this country is so flawed that the people who are mostly just troubled, and need someone to talk to are told they are “depressed” and are given these little wonderful pills some of which being Prozac and Effexor which in fact worsen peoples conditions instead of helping them. We have no means of how to measure serotonin in the brain yet, companies claim to have found the right formula for you to feel “happy” once again. The problem with this country today, is that everybody is trying to make a buck and does not care what the consequences are of that. Well guess what people, we as a society are creating people like Jared, by isolating them and putting labels on them and for what? Just because they have different ideas than the social norm does not mean they are “evil” or different, they are solely real and true people and have mind power that the common person can not access. A true soul, and a mind so vivid cannot be hindered, but it can be twisted and destroyed. That is the goal of society, you are unique, you are not the status quo so, you my friend are my enemy. We have seen it all throughout our history especially during the 60’s and 70’s and still the battle for “free minds” is at hand. I know you must think i am crazy for taking something so small and blowing it up into this, but look at it more closely and then tell me i am not right. Individualism is almost non existent in this country these days and is frowned upon by “the man” so you tell me, what must be done, because things are only getting worse.

“When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the areas of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses, for art establishes the basic human truths which must serve as the touchstone of our judgement.”

– John F. Kennedy

We the people…

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Social Stratification
We as the people of America are losing or have more or less lost the framework within this country that the founders had laid out for us. One example today being the elects  that people have voted to run for political offices, are not worthy of political candidacy. They show a lack of knowledge on actual problems and small understanding of the Constitution or the social norms that define american culture both in their respective districts and from a wider standpoint the United States itself. Candidates from lack of public interest are just kind of thrown into the race for something in the government and we expect them to do good? the public today seems like they do not care who they elect just that the government is worthless and that anyone will do, we are ignorant to believe we can make the country better. The people elect what the people are, an educated public is usually good one. The problem with wisdom today is that one must see through all the bull shit to see things clearly and between the media and hardship we as a country endured from the previous Bush administration the publics perspectives and views on this country have become negative. People are driven by things like greed, dishonesty but most of all ignorance. The Bush regime made us lose faith and we kind of let “the man win”. Issues currently haunting us are not talked about but ignored, and politicians make their own money and rules and no matter what people  do the structure we were built on is crumbling and the “American” is becoming no more. The so called American dream came true for corporate America, but everybody else got kicked in the ass, so they could have the dream they wanted. Now we are stuck in almost a dead zone where this country is waiting for something to wake it up and show us all how to bring this country out of the darkness back into the light.  Back to the prideful, sometimes arrogant, rich, poor or middle class people who all collaborated their own roles in society together to make this country today we call home.
United we stand, now isnt that ironic, a phrase we so often take for granted, if only it were that simple. Its crazy we now have this debate over whether separation of church and state was really part of the fabrication of this country, yes they are right its such a tedious thing, but the actual phrase separation of church and state does not appear in the Constitution. Hmm that’s odd well court rulings over the years have affirmed that this is exactly what the founders mention in the constitution. People also tend to forget that we were fighting for separation of church and state from Great Britain, now why would we contradict the very thing we were fighting? The problem that we are running into today is the growing sense of Socialism in our government. Everybody wants power with no consequences, well that is just not going to work out anymore. We have a internal civil war between the Democrats and the Republicans and I believe unless we can find a common ground of some sorts nothing is ever going to get done. The Democrats have great ideas but cannot act upon them and the Republicans are split as a party in general. The system is so skewed that a drastic change is needed for reform, the question is what? That question I cannot answer but what I will say is that if we do not get things going in the right direction we WILL have another civil war in this country on our hands, the rich Vs. the poor. Yes that’s right, the rich Vs. the poor because in our society today the middle class is dwindling and is merely nonexistent. In the long run if things are not changed we will become the countries we always seem to save, rundown, poor and uncontrolled to ultimately be taken under the wing of another country such as China. Now I don’t know about you but I am an American and refuse to be anything but that, only the people can fix the country, only the people ultimately control our fate.

We have a lot of ordinary folk that need to wake up, and recognize the government is still in some degrees broken, the culture is in decay and we got to somehow have to galvanize what energy and hope we have to focus on poor and working people, this is the only way out.”

Dr. Cornel West


“The working people and the poor people, have been dealing with scapegoating, it looks as if the whole system is rigged and tilted towards the strong and then they look at the weak and say be responsible be responsible, the best of the weak have the accent of constructive energy the visionary energy, thats what we need in this

Dr. Cornel West

Days Of a MisBent Youth

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Social Stratification

I watched one of all time favorite movies today SLC Punk and it just reiterated the fact that, most individualist people can not stand to think.. no matter how free your mind is, society will outcast you and you will be worthless unless you conform somewhat to the system. That just sucks doesn’t it, you can be a Punk, a Goth, or whatever group you say you belong to, but in the end you realize that your beliefs can only go so far and because everything is structured, you have to fit in to that structure in some shape or form to survive so in retrospect, biting your upper lip and saying screw it. Trying to gain that sense of responsibility and direction that makes you a productive member of society. No one is asking you to forget your ideals, just to grow up, and use your brain power in sensible ways as i will quote from SLC Punk: 

 “A reason to fight. Somebody different. Difference creates dispute. Dispute is a reason to fight. Now, to fight is a reason to feel pain. Life is pain. So to fight with reason is to be alive with reason. Final analysis: To fight, a reason to live.”

“I have to ask you something, why do u go out of your way to look like a bum?… “i look like a bum?”… well arent you simply rebelling against society? wouldnt it be more of an act of rebellion if you didnt spend so much time buying blue hair dye and goin out to get punky clothes, seems so petty. You want to be an individual, but you look like you are wearing a uniform, you look like a “Punk”, thats not rebelling  thats fashion…..”then whats rebellion?”…. Rebellion happens in the mind, you cant create it, you just.. are that way.”

Mind power is everything, without a structured way to battle things, everything is complete chaos.. essentially anarchy. That is the last thing this countries society needs a completely mis-bent youth, well wake up America.. we turned out okay, but the youth of today are so far gone, i do not know if they are savable. In a society where ideals are skewed the youth will be skewed, the question is… can they be saved? can we salvage what youthful mind power we have in this country and make a difference. Well that all depends upon if people are going to wake up or not, and the time of the philosophers and great thinkers is over, now is the time of misdirection and power, so i do not see it happening anytime soon.

Lost Voices

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Social Stratification
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It is simple question that many of us find ourselves contemplating from time to time; you know when things just aren’t going right, your girlfriend just dumped you and you got fired from your job or you are just feeling philosophical. The answer is not so simple, not to be to cliché but as Forest Gump would put it, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get inside” then again, in today’s world we would because we have those little pictures underneath the tops of the boxes to spoil the surprise. It is like most things today, people have lost the fabrication of uniqueness and style. We were all put on this earth to learn from each other and prosper, not to prey on the indifferent or the minority. People have become so egotistical that, purity has become a rarity. Judgments are premade and social standing is all that matters. I say fuck them, do what you love no matter how off the dirt path it is, who cares if you don’t have the fancy car, or the loaded bank account at least you can say you are truly happy and are not stuck wishing you had done something different with your life. The truth is the people with the big houses and fancy cars are just trying to compensate for their lack of originality, trying to fill the void of doing something that they can just “deal” with instead of love. The problem with that is, is that money does not buy happiness. A pure soul, a free mind and the thrill of passion is what drives us as human beings. Not doing what you are most passionate about is like telling the prom queen from high school you didn’t want to date her because she is not hot enough and then getting bitch slapped by your buddy later for being a complete idiot. Social stature and the illusion of “fitting in” is all just a myth that society created to feel safe. Safe from the confines of any darkness that may be lurking in this world, but wait… The problem with that is, is that truth lies in that darkness, in the crevasse and cracks left from the herd. Each crack is a blank space that has been forgotten a blip on the radar that the government, media and society white out, for the so called best interests of the people. A misinformed public is a non threatening being, but a well informed public well…That creates war, and gives way to the so called “radical” ideas that in most cases are completely competent and sane. The peoples voice seldom but fierce, can either tame the fire or ignite its spheres.